As conference accommodation, we reserved a number of rooms with The Suites Hotel, and with the neighboring Hana Hotel. The room rates (130,000 – 205,000 KRW per night during the week) depend on the hotel and the type of room, as detailed below.

We kindly ask you to book your rooms directly. When booking a room, please use one of the hotel reservation forms available below to be guaranteed the preferential room rate. As the number of rooms of each type is limited, we encourage booking as early as possible.

The Suites Hotel:

Hotel reservation form

Tel: +82 64 738 3800, fax: +82 64 738 8080, email:


Deluxe (double / twin): 165,000 KRW per night

Deluxe family (double and single beds): 205,000 KRW

Deluxe corner (two double beds): 205,000 KRW

Ondol (traditional Korean setup): 205,000 KRW


Hana Hotel:

Hotel reservation form

Tel: +82 64 738 7001, fax: +82 64 738 7015, email:


Standard (double / twin): 110,000 KRW per night

Deluxe (double): 120,000 KRW

Ondol suite: 140,000 KRW